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February 23, 2011

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick with 2.6.38 kernel and fglrx 8.812

X-Swat has not updated their ati packages in a long time which means that Natty users and Maverick users with 2.6.38 (64-bit) cannot run with fglrx video drivers.

In order to get the latest 2.6.38 kernel and fglrx playing nicely together you will need to build these packages yourself.

Custom build procedure:

  1. Install the latest 2.6.38 kernel revision from Ubuntu Mainline.
  2. Download 11.1 from AMD
  3. Extract the files from the package:
    sh ./ --extract ati
  4. Download the patch here, then apply it:
    cd ati; patch -p1 < ../2.6.38_console.patch
  5. Build our new ati/fglrx deb packages:
    ./ 8.812 --buildpkg Ubuntu/maverick
  6. Install our newly created deb packages:
    sudo dpkg -i ../fglrx*.deb
  7. If your /etc/X11/xorg.conf is missing you will need to run:
    sudo aticonfig --initial
    and then reboot.

That newly created package should work for the entire 2.6.38 series.

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