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June 4, 2012

Finding and making a network subnet calculator

Doing subnet calculations by hand can be tedious and thankfully there are tools available online to help with that. One in particular Subnet Calculator with a PHP backend was handy and compact.

I’ve sent a few requests asking if I could re-write it to be client side so that it could be used in intranet applications or even possibly be ported as an hand-held application. After a few months of waiting and no response, I repurposed some of their CSS and layout and wrote the javascript equivalent.

Mindwerks’s Subnet Calculator

The code is released as open source and can be reused as per terms of the license. It is part of the WP-Mindwerks wordpress plugin, but you can use it also as a standalone webpage.

Subnet Calculator
Network Class
First Octet Range
IP Address
. . .
Hex IP Address
Subnet Mask
Wildcard Mask
Subnet Bits
Mask Bits
Maximum Subnets
Hosts per Subnet
Host Address Range
Subnet ID
Broadcast Address
Subnet Bitmap

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