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March 7, 2013


Worldsynth 0.10.0 released


Worldsynth version 0.10.0 is released and can be found on github. This is our first “official” release in which the result should work, out of the box, with a usable and familiar GUI instead of the pygame environment. This is provided by Qt4 via PySide. We have even tested Worldsynth on Windows XP to validate that it is indeed cross platform.

As for 0.11.0, we are looking to unlock size of terrain to be of any variable width and height instead of the basic power of two. We are also investigating fluvial erosion.

Here is a demo of the latest release:

Some of the things changed in this release are:

Improved our just-in-time library loading so that only libraries are loaded as needed and were needed. This also helped to reduce the number of dependencies necessary for running Worldsynth.

We implemented an erosion model so that we can use it as an overlay over the original heightmap.

There is also now an overflow flag that treats the terrain generated as one that wraps. Rivers, for example, can flow off edges of maps, overflow into other side. This make the world seamless and one step closer to being able to wrap the terrain to a globe and having a world.

We also have a demonstration of Worldsynth running on Windows.

Here are the files and libraries necessary to run Worldsynth on Windows:

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  1. Yuriy
    Jun 12 2013

    After working for a couple days on developing my own world generation library for a game I am going to be working on in python I ran into Worldsynth. Will Worldsynth be ported/updated to python 3 at some point?

    • Jun 13 2013

      If the libraries (PySide, Tables, Numpy, etc) are Python3 compatible, I don’t see why not. I guess I’ll need to do some research first. 🙂

      I’m almost finished with 0.11 at the moment, I’ll probably give Python3 a go after 0.12 gets wrapped up.

    • Jun 14 2013

      Just an update… it was trivial to update to Python3. As of 0.11, Worldsynth now is compatible with Python >= 2.7. Cheers!

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