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January 26, 2014


Introducing WildMIDI version 0.3.2


After several years of silence, There is now a new version of WildMIDI! Chris “Wildcode” Ison seems to have fallen off the planet around February of 2012 and the bug reports and patches have been accumulating on his SourceForge page. I decided to dump his SVN repository to github and continue hacking where he left off. We are still very much 100% API/ABI compatible and new versions can be considered drop-in replacements. We will continue to be open to developers that wish to improve WildMIDI but keep in mind that our goal is to be small and fast. We also wish Chris the very best and want very much for him to rejoin the project.

What’s new?

There have been a lot of changes since WildMIDI, mostly involving our new build system.

  • Switched build system away from autotools and now using cmake
  • We can build natively on: Linux, FreeBSD, Windows and OSX
  • We support GCC, Clang, XCode and Visual Studio
  • Pulled in all out-standing patches from SourceForge, Debian and FreeBSD
  • Compile without warnings using enforced -Werrors
  • Found and fixed additional bugs

What we need:
We still need people with other platforms to test WildMIDI and file bug reports and patches so that we can support more platforms as well. This includes both the library and the player.

We are also looking into adding new features, such as: XMI playback support, SF2 and DLS support.


  • Win32 Binaries (exe, dll, lib):
  • OSX Binaries: Not currently available, they can be built from source but there is currently no sound-code for the wildmidi player. You can however dump music to a WAV file.
  • Source: wildmidi-0.3.2.tar.gz
  • Free Patches (GUS):freepats_20060219.orig.tar.gz (extract the ‘freepats’ directory to where you want and adjust the ‘dir’ in wildmidi.cfg to point to it)

For more information:
If you wish to read more about the History and the Future of the library, please read our WildMIDI Project page.

Screenshots running on Windows and Linux:

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  1. isaac p.
    Feb 14 2014

    Please, where i can find a example for use the library?

  2. Msd
    Feb 24 2017

    Hi. How i can integrate it with node js or with meteor frameworks js??

    • Feb 24 2017

      No idea, I’m not familiar enough with nodejs nor meteor. WildMIDI is a C library so it is up to you to integrate it into your application like any other C library.

  3. Alex Lundberg
    Jun 10 2018

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