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March 20, 2014

WildMIDI 0.3.5 has been released


We have a brand new release on our 0.3 branch! The intent here is to be the bridge between the older 0.2 series and our feature rich 0.4 that is currently under development.

Source and binaries can be found on our github release page:

New and Old Developers

After a few months of development, we’ve really brought WildMIDI a long way. We are rejoined by Chris Ison (Wildcode) who had taken a small break away from development. Another developer has also joined us from uHexen2, Ozkan Sezer, who has contributed quite a lot to the project. Welcome guys! If you want to help out, just create a github account, fork us and send pull requests. Other forms of help are also appreciated, tracking down bugs and new platforms for us to support.

What’s new in this release

In this release, we’ve incorporated a lot of bug fixes coming from downstream, mostly Linux distributions and GStreamer. We also took the time to do some static analysis and abuse valgrind to help improve code quality. The biggest win here was that we have taken a 2 minute midi file that would have used nearly 16,000 reallocs and would blow through about 400MiB of memory to just 600 reallocs and 8 MiB of memory. Great stuff…

Change log:

  • Greatly reduced the heap usage (was a regression introduced in 0.2.3)
  • OpenAL support: This gains us OSX and other platforms that OpenAL supports for sound output!
  • DOS DJGPP support: This goes a long way to helping other DOS based applications like UHexen2.
  • MinGW support: This gains us win32 and win64 support using this toolchain.
  • OSS support: No longer uses mmap mode for better compatibility. This gains us NetBSD and OpenBSD support.
  • Worked around an invalid memory read found by valgrind when playing Beethoven’s Fur Elise.rmi at 44100 Hz using the old MIDIA patch-set from 1994.
  • Build fixes for MSVC. Revised visibility attributes usage.
  • Fedora support: We are now ready to see this get pushed upstream to Fedora.
  • New portable file and path-name system to handle cross-platform support.
  • Support for Debian/kFreeBSD, Debian/Hurd and other Debian archs.
  • Many bug fixes, code clean-ups and cosmetic fixes.

What to look forward to…

We mentioned above about the 0.4 series, and we are now fully committed to new feature development. This also comes at a cost, the API will be changing. Chris will be working on “Live Events”, Ozkan on SB16 support under DOS and myself getting XMI support in.

What will happen to 0.3?
To be clear, our 0.3 branch will live on in maintenance mode and we’ll only accept patches to fix bugs. This is save us time so we don’t have to backport when doing changes in the 0.4 branch.

Overall, we’re extremely proud of where we are with WildMIDI and we hope you are as well!

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