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Password Cracking Calculator

The calculator gives a rough estimate on the amount of time it takes for an attacker to brute-force guess (crack) passwords of varying lengths. It is to help demonstrate that longer and easier to remember passwords are mathematically harder to guess than shorter complex passwords.

You can set the number of computers dedicated to cracking, how many guesses per second a computer can handle, percentage (0-100) of keyspace to be searched which takes into account dictionary attacks, mutations and other optimizations, if the attacker knows the length of the password and the number of symbols (non-alphanumeric objects) such as: [email protected]#$%^&*()-_+=~`[]{}\:;'"<>,.?/.

Parallel ComputersClusters and botnets will increase throughput.
Guesses per computer per secondPentium 100Mhz can process 200,000/s.
Total guesses per second
Symbol table31 symbols is typical
Percentage of keyspace to be searchedFuzz for dictionary attacks and other techniques
Does attacker know password length?
lengthcase insensative (26)case insensative, numbers (36)case sensative (52)case sensative, numbers (62)case sensative, numbers, symbols (93)ASCII (255)