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Exita: Export Image to Ascii

running exitaExita is a data export tool that functions like an OCR application but for a specific character set.

How: Exita reads in an image and breaks it apart into cells based on the height and width of the character set bitmap used (e.g. cp437-8×12). With each cell in an image, it tries to find a match and return the proper text character.

Exceptions: Some character sets like cp437 have dual-use characters that have a glyph when printed but are also used as control characters. These are handled by the “special characters” module which can be extended to support more character sets.

License and Use: Exita is LGPLv2 software and you are free to download, modify and use it. All I ask in return are any patches, bug reports and suggestions that you have. Github provides an issue tracking system here.


  • Source: Github
  • Linux binary (coming soon)
  • Windows binary (coming soon)

Uses: Exita is now linked to by the Dwarf Fortress Wiki in their Utilities section as a DF map exporter.

  1. Bug-Report
    Nov 21 2012

    Could not find glyph for map element: 743b8597cbf8d62428cb51e0bdae0277
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “./”, line 189, in
    outputUTF += convertCharacter( elements[md5sum][0], ‘cp437’, ‘utf-8’ )
    File “./”, line 52, in convertCharacter
    return chr( char ).decode( iCharSet ).encode( oCharSet, option )
    ValueError: chr() arg not in range(256)

    • Nov 22 2012

      Please use the issue tracking system here:

      Please give your python version, OS, a link to the file you wanted to convert and the command plus arguments that you passed to it.

      If I’m to make a guess with what you sent me, then the bmp you gave it has an element not found in the cp437 character set. It should indeed be gracefully handled.


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